The Benefits of Physical Activity

You don’t have to be in the fitness industry to know that most of the people choose to join a gym mainly because they want to improve their appearance. Women usually want to have a flatter stomach, a more toned bum and lose their hip fat. The men on the other hand, mainly want to lose their belly fat and why not even get a six pack. And if you are a member of a gym, then you know that people are more devoted in January (New Year’s Resolution) or before summer, when everyone tries to burn everything they have eaten for almost a year! Should a change of appearance though, be the main reason for someone to start exercising?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) sedentary lifestyle is one of the more serious yet insufficiently addressed public health problems of our time. It is estimated that 60 to 85% of people in the world – from both developed and developing countries – lead sedentary lifestyles, increasing all causes of mortality, double the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity, and increasing the risks of breast and colon cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, depression and anxiety. 

Physical Activity comes to balance the sedentary lifestyle of most of the jobs in our century. Some of the benefits of regular physical activity can be

  • Increased Energy

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Injury and disease prevention (including some types of cancer, like colon and breast cancer)

  • Excess Body Fat Loss

  • Increase in confidence and self-esteem.

Another thing that people shouldn’t forget is that just running or just lifting weights does not give all the benefits that physical activity has to offer.

Cardio or lifting though?

Every type of exercise has something to give. More specifically, aerobic exercise helps you build a stronger heart muscle, lowering your resting heart rate, improving your breathing and your blood circulation, increasing the oxygen within your body. It helps you to burn more calories and more importantly lower the risk of death from Cardiovascular problems. Meanwhile strength training helps you increase your metabolism, burn more calories at rest, increase your energy, strengthen your bones and muscles, reduce the risk of injuries and improve the circulation and balance. 

Do you think it is time for you to put exercise in your everyday life?