Our favourite Green Juice recipe

High protein, low carb. The Blood type diet. Paleo…The Hay diet…Alkalising…refeeds. STOP.

There are so many options for your nutritional choices out there, that it can really be confusing as to what is the best thing to eat for your wellbeing, that won’t make you either look or feel rubbish. We at MYSPORTLONDON aren’t nutritionists or experts but we are experienced with our food after much experimentation, misery and confusion. It really is better to eat what tastes good. We all know what actually is good for us - balance, vegetables, not too much salt, fat or sugar but not too little, so why does it sometimes feel SO hard to get it right?

In the midst of a heavy training regime, and being as ‘time-poor’ as we all seem to be these days, this little cracker of a recipe can be prepped and left in the fridge overnight to chill as a quick easy breakfast, snack or post workout bump-up to your vitamin levels, hydration levels and a LARGE does of your 5 a day! Best of all, it’s not here to restrict, punish or confuse. You can use whatever ingredients you like, whatever ingredients you have and even ones that are a little bit worse for wear in the fridge.

It costs next to nothing to make and is a great way to use up soggy cucumbers/ spinach/ salad leaves (yes salad leaves)… So grab what you have available and switch the damn blender on!

1/3 Cucumber - alkalising, hydrating, mild and slightly savoury. What’s not to love?
Large handful spinach leaves - We put these into every smoothie we make because they’re so rich in iron, and because…well..Popeye
Parsley - a source of flavonoids and antioxidantsfolic acidvitamin Kvitamin C, and vitamin A, freshens breath, smells gorge.
Avocado - Contains 18 of the 22 Amino acids used by the human body to build protein, and the only food on earth that contains all 8 essential amino acids. Millennial AF.
Fresh Lime juice - 35% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C per 100g serving. Perfect to cut through the creaminess of the Avocado.
Dates - Excellent source of dietary potassium, deliciously sweet, been around for 50 million+ years and eaten by dinosaurs. Oh and they taste of toffee. Yum.
Apple juice - Unpasteurised 150mls
Magic powders - Add these as you have or want, we generally use a teaspoon each of Maca, Spirulina and linseed/flax crush. You could also use chia or any other fancy pants powder that you have gotten your hands on. If you’re training loads, shove in a bit of no-flavour protein powder for extra muscle kickaroo.
Shove the entire contents into a blender and whizz like your life depends on it.
Gulp down with ice and topped up with cold water to taste and watch everyone else on the bus/tube to work regard you with awe and first-world-problems-jealousy.

- Luxfoodie