Drive might also be called life force, and as such, it is a pre-existing form of energy. The wonderful news about this is that is not actually our responsibility to 'summon it up': we just need to get quiet and find our access to this limitless resource.


How can we tap in to our innate sense of drive? 

Getting quiet is the not only the best way I know to get in touch with our drive and ambition, but it is a powerful starting point for any exercise where the intention is growth. 

No one person's idea of 'more', 'better' or 'bigger' looks like anyone else's. Seriously, try asking a few people: you'll be amazed at the range of responses! Our wants and wishes are personal to us, and so it follows that the way that we get in touch with them varies too.

I find making collages by chopping pictures out of magazines a great way to come up with themes about what is currently important to us - as it is not always obvious.

Yes, Pinterest is great, but personally I find that a more limited selection of images from a couple of magazines makes me focus more on what I actually want to see in my collage, rather than just getting dazzled by the beautiful professional photography.

Top tip: free magazines and catalogues in supermarkets/travel agents and other places are great for this - you don't need to spend a £15 on Italian Vogue just to chop it up!