In conversation with... Lily Mae MacGregor

The MYSPORTLONDON team were wilfully accosted at their launch show at Stylist live last November 2017 by the INCREDIBLE Lily Mae MacGregor and have been collaborating with her ever since.

Lily is the ultimate girly girl and has inspired a great many policies and developments at MYSPORTLONDON, including how we work with influencers, and how courageous we are about our own endeavours. You'll read why later on in this interview, but better told by Lily herself.

This is MYSPORTLONDON in conversation with Lily-Mae MacGregor...

Lily-Mae McGregor is a dancer, fitness instructor and is currently studying towards personal training qualification.

She was born and brought up in Spain where she trained and worked as a dancer. Lily moved to London in September of 2013 to train as an actress at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Over the years she has performed at Saddlers Wells Theatre, Disneyland Paris, appeared in TV commercials for both the BBC and on European channels. Lily is a fully qualified I.D.T.A ballet associate dance teacher and has taught ballet in dance schools across London.  

Lily decided to get into the fitness industry because fitness & health has always been a passion of hers. She has gained her level 2, level 3 pre and post natal, Barre Concept and Reformer Pilates qualifications. Lily teaches for top fitness companies such as MoveYourFrame, Sweaty Betty, and Equinox mainly teaching her speciality of Dance and Barre.

MSL: How did you get into dance?

LMM: I’ve always loved music. I remember dancing to the Spice girls and Michael Jackson when I was 6. My mum could see my passion for music so she took me to an audition at the local theatre for Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I loved it. Later she took me to a dance school called the International Theatre School in Spain. I trained there for 16 years and then moved on to Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in the UK. 

MSL: How is the progression to become professional?

LMM: Doing a full day at school and then heading to dance school for 5 hours in the evening five days a week whilst growing up was quite challenging. However when I started training from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday to be a professional - that was real dedication. I’ve missed out on so many occasions, family events, social gatherings , holidays - but it doesn’t really beat how much I’ve done in the past 5 years. The qualifications I’ve achieved and the jobs I’ve done, it’s literally so rewarding. I still have so much I want to achieve and do. It's never ending for me, I will always think of something else.

MSL: What do you do when it is not working (your craft/dancing/technique) I.E. off days?

LMM: I would be lying if I said that I don’t disappoint myself when I feel like I haven’t had a successful practice, but then I think everyone has an ‘off day,' no matter what job you do. I go home have a cup of tea and a biscuit and think ‘Ok - lets start fresh tomorrow’.

Our interview with Lily continues later this week as a round up to our fashion series where you can read about her approach to life, nutrition and idols.

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Lilymae is a Dancer, Fitness Instructor & I.D.T.A Associate Ballet Teacher.

You can join one of lily’s dance classes at Frame or Sweaty Betty and see for yourself why the team at MYSPORTLONDON love her so much!