Part II: In conversation with... Lily-Mae MacGregor

MYSPORTLONDON have been working closely with the indomitable Lily-Mae since our humble start back in late 2017 after a chance meeting at Stylist Live. Since then we have been honoured to be able to consider her our BIGGEST champion, a collaborator, content creator and influencer (to us) and her 1k+ Instagram followers.

Indeed we love our Lily-Mae so much, that she inspired a legging in our new season collection which has accordingly, been named after her "The Lily Legging" which will be launched during the Fashion Pop-Up TLSS - The London Sport Show this 19/20/21/22 April 2018; and which Lily herself will only learn about, when she reads this second part serialisation of our interview with her!

Last session you read about Lily's background, read on to discover her inspirations, nutrition and her approach to life. This is MYSPORTLONDON in conversation with... Lily Mae MacGregor.

MSL: How does your sport (dance) affect your approach to life?

LMM: If I don’t dance or do some sort of fitness, it affects my overall mood and approach to life. Although I've always been a dancer; one of the main reasons for going into fitness is because I sometimes suffer from anxiety. Listening to music and exercising makes me feel good both mentally and physically. 

MSL: Do you have a favourite dancer? If so whom and why?

LMM: Probably Sammy Davis Jr, or Michael Jackson. It's really hard to explain why. You can be a dancer or you can be a dancer who naturally feels music. There is a difference and those two definitely both felt the music.

MSL: Do you do any other sports. What? Why do you do them?

LMM: I swim a lot, it’s great because you move your whole body against the resistance of the water. I have a facet joint deformity in my back so swimming is especially good as it keeps the heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body. 

MSL: What does a dancer eat to keep fit?

LMM: For snacks I’d suggest blueberries with dry roasted almonds or Lindt 90% dark chocolate.

Breakfast is something like 2 boiled eggs with spinach. Chicken breast with sweet potatoes and greens for lunch. Nice baked salmon with steamed broccoli for dinner and constant water through out the day!

IG @lilymaemcgregor

Lilymae is a Dancer, Fitness Instructor & I.D.T.A Associate Ballet Teacher

You can join one of lily’s dance classes at Frame or Sweaty Betty and see for yourself why the team at MYSPORTLONDON love her so much!