Part II : In conversation with Ruby Sephora

Here for your Sunday morning reading pleasure is the second and final instalment of our In conversation with series interview with the incredible and inspiring Ruby Sephora, covering Ruby's mental approach, inspirations and what we ALL want to know nutrition...

How does your sport (weightlifting + training) affect your approach to life?

My confidence has been boosted so high, my faith in my own knowledge, as well in me digging into all the science and education of it all. I never really though about it to be honest but if I had to say anything – it would be that it just brought out another side to my determined and obsessive nature. 

I know most people say revolutionary things, but I had it in me before I ever lifted a weight. 

I went to an academically selective high school where people competed for the top 5 in every subject, top 10 even... where 95% was never enough.

Math was my top subject, theory and formula put into practice, into questions. I always studied the theory for application, so I have it built in to my nature to always push myself.

Ruby Sephora by David and Dennis Fang

Ruby Sephora by David and Dennis Fang

I guess weights turned it more physical in the way that I feel fear in a different way now. The fear of failure is definitely there but I use it as fuel and fire. I’m doing something out of my comfort zone and I love that.

Do you have a favourite sportsman/woman? If so whom and why?

Stefi Cohen, she is absolutely insane in terms of strength and physique – her Olympic lifts and her powerlifts - plus a body of the Gods. The only thing missing is the Katie-Ann bodybuilder side.

If I could bring all of that inspiration together... that would be freaking insane. 

Do you do any other sports. What are they? Why do you do them?

Powerlifting... bodybuilding and I want to get more into Olympic lifting after my next comp

What does a lifter/weight trainer  eat to keep fit? What is a typical day’s food?

I’m Pescetarian so my protein comes from whey, egg whites, and seafood. 😊

I love love my veggies so I eat them with ease – cucumber, lettuce, eggplant, potato, tomato, green beans, and all the leafy greens really. LOVE LOVE them.

I also love my coffee and tea.

Carbs – I adore white bread, white potato, sweet is okay, popcorn, I do like cereal too but I limit it because I sort of lose track if I include it. I like being in control of my food so I only include ingredients that facilitate that.

I like my greens powder too.

Salmon tins are my preferred fat source – peanut butter is another one where you can lose track of a serving size but I include it occasionally. 

I did go a whole year of just intuitively eating and having random macro days. Now I am back on a meal plan as I feel that is how I thrive best and I am definitely meeting my needs – it isn’t very strict right now, but when it comes crunch time and I need to drop weight... then I pull in the reigns more & increase cardio even more to lean down because even though I am a small girl, I really like my food 😊

*IFBB = International Federation of Body Building

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