karen phillips-craig

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Originally trained...

...as an outdoor sports instructor in the beautiful area of the Lake District in the UK, Karen Philips-Craig travelled around the UK and Europe extensively as young adult before settling back in Cumbria and solidifying her outdoor training with experience in climbing, and later mountain rescue - which she still does today as a member of the Penrith rescue team.

Karen has experience in a great many outdoor sporting pursuits, as well as rocking the stage in bodybuilding competitions which she participated in as far as British finals with the British National Bodybuilding Federation for many years.

It is the experience of dieting and coach interaction for these events, coupled with personal experience of eating disorders, that led Karen to her current path which is as an undergraduate BSc in Food Science and Nutrition at Northumbria University. With two dogs, a fireman husband and two teenage children in the mix - this family are basically The Incredibles.

Now 20 years after her first experience learning to teach people how to tackle the beautiful AONB Lake District (and saving everyone else), Karen has agreed to impart her learning experience and knowledge of nutrition with MYSPORTLONDON, and give us some raw scientific fact and data about the world of food.

Photograph reproduced with kind thanks to Lowell M Photography.