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Scientist - competitor - coach

With a pedigree like no other, our incredible sport science expert is a world class and lifelong sport professional and we snagged her brilliance to share with you.

An alumnus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with degree qualifications in Sport Science with rhythmic gymnastics and biomechanics as a speciality; postgraduate qualifications in Physical Activity and Quality of Life with specialisations in Sports Biomechanics and a deep knowledge and comprehension of human movement and motion.

Dimitra has both inside and outside understanding of top level sports participation as both a national level competitor rhythmic gymnast back in Greece, and later as a volleyball player for a further 10 years; followed by a career coaching top level gymnastics and volleyball as well as work in clinical analysis of gait cycle in a laboratory - before coming to the UK to work, and where we were lucky to find her.

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