the luxfoodie

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What is a food pig anyway...?

Daughter of a Carribbean, granddaughter of a British war child and goddaughter of a Jewish Eastender, the cooking repertoire of our Luxfoodie literally knows no bounds. You can ask any question of her on the blog and receive an unadulterated, honest-to-God, Cockney sparrow response, and if you're really lucky - a recipe to boot.

An urban inner city child raised on inner city farms, a healthy interest in food source and its relationship to our wellbeing, and a natural curiosity of cause-and-effect of human consumption, it is the mission of the Luxefoodie, to gild your croquembouches, steam-lightly your vegetable inspirations and roll tightly your Kneidlach. You'll learn it all here from her. Stay tuned for recipes and inspiration for all manner of food heaven.

to know a community is to know its food
— Gil Marks