vanessa harbar

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...our resident Yogi Vanessa Harbar. A 20 year veteran of the practice, Vanessa guides a soulful flow with flex appeal.

Vanessa practises yoga in pursuit of those delicious yet elusive moments of lightness, strength and calm. She loves seeing students find an unexpected release or strength, and believes that although sometimes maddening, a yoga practise at any level is the greatest guide - the occasional wobbles and falls can be your best teachers.

Vanessa’s classes are about finding an inner strength and and outer liquid. They stoke an inner fire and self confidence, unleash some expression and are suitable for all levels of Yogi.

Some days you feel stiff and stressed - then have a wondrous practice; other days you feel really good - but your body doesn’t go where you thought it would go and you have to deal with it. As long as you can breathe and laugh then your practise is food for your spirit.
— vanessa harbar